New nuclear medicine centre opened in Samara

March 2018.  On 16th March a new nuclear medicine centre opened in Samara. The centre will carry out cancer diagnostics, as well as, for the first time in Russia, cardio-vascular diagnostics using PET-CT.

Commissioning of Cancer and Radiological Center in Podolsk

25th December 2017.  Department of Construction of the Moscow Region issued Commissioning Permit Nr. RU50-27-9908-2017 for start-up of Ontological and Radiological Center in Podolsk.

The Governor of Moscow Region and the Russian Federation Commissioner on the Rights of the Child inspect new maternity clinic in the city of Ramenskoe

16.11.17 The Governor of Moscow Region, Andrey Vorobyov and the Ombudsman on the Rights of the Child, Anna Kuznetsova have visited the Regional Mother and Child Centre in the city of Ramenskye, Moscow Region, which opened its doors on 10th November. They praised the high quality of the equipment for neonatal special care and post-intensive care follow-up, as well as the new, modern operating theatres and the high level of professionalism of the staff.

In Dubna, the go-ahead has been given for the construction of a cancer equipment manufacturing facility

June 2017. On 28th June within the Dubna Technology and Innovaton Special Economic Zone, the ceremonial laying of a capsule took place marking the beginning of a project to build Russia’s first factory producing medical equipment for radiotherapy.

The Moscow Region Minister of Health and Deputies of the Regional and State Duma inspect surgery wing in Balashikha.

March 2017. The Moscow Region Minister of Health Dmitriy Markov, together with Deputies of the Regional and State Duma have visited the surgery wing of the Moscow Region oncology clinic, which is to open in May 2017.

New perinatal center opened in Ufa

November, 2016. On 25th November 2016 the opening of obstetric and neonatology departments in Republican Perinatal Centre has taken place in Ufa.

Integrated operating theatres commissioned

17th May 2016. The "Clean Room" Complex Department of PETRusCo Ltd has completed renovation work on two operating theatres at the P.A. Herzen Moscow Cancer Scientific Research Institute.

Moscow PET­-CT centre welcomes first patients

The positron­emisson and computer tomography centre, established by PETRusCo Ltd within the Russian Ministry of Health FGAU Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre has begun welcoming patients and carrying out tests. The radionuclear diagnostics department is integrated with the other diagnostic and therapeutic departments at the centre.

First patients receive treatment with state of the art radiotherapy system

March 2016. The first treatment sessions have been taking place at the radiology department of the Russian Ministry of Health Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre (a Federal State Self­Governing Facility ­ FGAU). These have been made possible thanks to the Elekta Infinity robotic radiotherapy system, supplied by PETRusCo, with cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy treatment.

Authorisation given for construction of onco­radiology centre in Balashikha

9th March 2016. Authorisation № RU­50­37­4301­2016 has been granted by the Ministry of Capital Building Works for the construction of an onco­radiological centre in Balashikha.

Endorsement given by Central State Regulatory Authority

February 2016, On 18th February 2016, endorsement №188-16/GGE-10376/05 was issued by Federal Autonomous Institution, Central State Regulatory Authority (GlavGosEkspertiza) Russia for project design documentation and results of engineering surveys set out by PETRusCo Ltd for the Onco-Radiological Centre major construction project located at Karbishev St., 6, Balashikha, Moscow Region.

PETRusCo - GE Healthcare Awards Winner 2015

Over the last year, under the project to set up a network of nuclear medical centres, PETRusCo Ltd has completed work on positron emission and computer tomography centres in Kursk and Moscow. Construction work is currently being completed on a facility in Yekaterinburg; work is also underway to build onco-radiological centres in the Moscow region.

Accelerator facilities launched at the Ministry of Health treatment and rehabilitation centre

January 2016. An automated Elekta Infinity radiotherapy system, along with a suite of radiation monitoring equipment, has been put into operation at the Ministry of Health treatment and rehabilitation centre.

Authorization received from Russia’s Central State Regulatory Authority GlavGosEkspertiza of Russia

On 17th December 2015, authorization №1711-15/GGE-10297/05 was received from GlavGosEkspertiza Rossii for project design documentation and results of engineering surveys prepared by PETRusCo Ltd for the Samara Medical Centre.

PETRusCo to supply magnetic resonance tomography machine to Pavlovo-Posadsky clinic

October 2015 PETRusCo Ltd is to supply a GE Brivo MR355 Inspire magnetic resonance tomography machine, together with additional fittings, to the multi-disciplinary clinic under construction at Pavlovsky Posad, Southern micro-region. The clinic has a capacity of 600 visits per shift.

Draft design for construction of Samara Medical Centre submitted to Central State Regulatory Authority

October 2015 Project survey works have been completed for the construction of a medical centre, including a radionuclide diagnostic department, in Samara. Project design documentation and the results of engineering surveys have been submitted to Russia's Central State Regulatory Authority, GlavGosEkspertiza.

Authorisation given to build PET Centre in Ekaterinburg

11 September 2015  The Ekaterinburg City Administration has granted authorisation № RU 66302000-5248-2015 for the construction of a building to house a medical centre and transformer station.

Equipment delivered to Federal State Self-Governing Facility Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre

September 2015 An Elekta Infinity robot-assisted radiotherapy system, along with additional fittings, has been delivered to the Russian Federation Ministry of Health Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre.

Endorsement given by Federal Self-Governing Facility Inter-district Department “Moscow Construction Regulatory Authority”

August 2015 On the 20th August, the State Unitary Enterprise Inter-district Department Mosoblstroiprogress received the endorsement by the Moscow Construction Regulatory Authority for design estimate documentation developed by PETRusCo for the first phase of major construction work at the Moscow Regional Oncology Centre and Surgical Wing, to be built at 6, Karbishev St., Balashikha, Moscow Region.

Endorsement given from the Federal Autonomous Institution GlavGosEkspertiza

July 2015 On 17th July 2015 the endorsement No. 965-15/GGE-10051/05 from the state expert assessment panel for project documentation and results of the engineering survey for the Ekaterinburg Medical Centre has been received.

Endorsement given by MosOblEkspertiza

June 2015 Endorsement has been given at local level for the technical section of design estimate documentation for the first construction phase of the Moscow Regional Oncology Centre and Surgical Wing, to be built at 6, Karbishev St., Balashikha, Moscow Region.

Signing of state contract for major construction work

April 2015 A contract has been signed between PETRusCo and the Russian Ministry of Health Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre (a Federal State Self-Governing Facility - FGAU).

The new section of PETRusCo Ltd business structure

March 2015  PETRusCo has established a specific section within its business structure working on a range of “clean room” premises, medicinal gases, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Surgical facility for the Moscow Regional Cancer Clinic

February 2015 PETRusCo has completed adjustments to the building project documentation for the surgical facility at the Moscow Regional Cancer Clinic.

PETRusCo has completed construction and installation work

January 2015  PETRusCo Ltd has completed construction and installation work at the PET-CT Diagnosis Unit, part of the Medical and Healthcare Center on Druzhba St. 14, Kursk

Nikolay Merkushkin: “Samara has the potential to become one of Russia’s major medical hubs”

On 2 September 2014, Nikolay Merkushkin, head of the Samara region administration, and representatives of RUSNANO launched the construction of the Positron-Emission Computerized Therapy Centre (PET-Centre) in Samara. It will be built next to the Samara regional cancer clinic.

Construction of Ramenskoye maternity hospital will be completed by 2017 - Governor

Krasnogorsk, 29 May. Interfax – A 300-bed maternity hospital costing 2 billion roubles will be completed by mid-2016 Andrey Vorobyov, Governor of Moscow Region, stated on the “360⁰ Moscow Region” TV channel on Thursday.

Haemodialysis waiting lists slashed in Vologda Oblast

With the completion of renovations to the haemodialysis unit at the Oblast’s Clinical Hospital, the needs of the region for kidney replacement therapy will be fully met.

A new republican perinatal centre will be constructed in Ufa

A major perinatal centre is set to open in Ufa, costing around 976 million roubles.

Maternity Hospital required for Ramenskoye, Moscow Region

The Ministry of Capital Building Works of the Moscow Region has put out a tender for the construction of a new maternity hospital in Ramenskoye.